Building the Family Firm for Future Generations

a contribution of Hafner and Partners  Zug, Switzerland

Family owned businesses have unique characteristics, such as their family values, which make them outperform others. But the very characteristics that bring success, in some family run businesses are also the factors that are detrimental to the firm and can lead to financial struggles or even ruin.

A robust succession plan, the effective leadership of a professional board of directors, and the successful execution of a long term strategic vision are critical responsibilities of a firm. These factors can be made difficult and complicated when family dynamics and emotional ties to the firm come into play.

TheWiseBoard© is an assessment tool which delivers an action plan that provides guidance to the family firm owners on how to build upon the positive characteristics of the family business, ways to resolve intrinsic difficulties between family members, and how to implement needed redirection or change that will allow the family firm to set a successful long term, sustainable course.

TheWiseBoard© helps family firm owners develop:

  • Techniques to achieve a cohesive vision among all family shareholders.
  • Ways to uncover the economic and non-economic goals of the business owners translating them into a viable business strategy.
  • The most suitable governance structure for their company to achieve its long-term strategic aims.

Dr. Pablo Hafner
Tel + 41 76 336 6359

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